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Getting Started with a Personal Brand

Bawse Business is all about building your personal brand. But first, let's understand what exactly it means.

What is a personal brand?

A personal brand is creating a brand around your persona/skills/expertise in such a way that people associate your name with your particular set of skills. This is done over a long time period of creating consistent valuable content.

Having a personal brand today is almost a necessity in order to secure your future & take advantage of the massive resources available in the market today.

So, it’s a good idea to recognise the skills you have & to start working on creating your own personal brand on Instagram.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind while getting started :

1. Own your story. Share your story.

Without knowing the person behind the brand, it’s harder to build trust & connection. Yes, It is hard to put yourself out there. You may doubt yourself a lot, you may feel like others will judge you, but that is part of what it takes to build your business. At some point, you have to ask yourself if your goal is important enough for you that you're willing to put in the work needed to start sharing more about your journey & be vulnerable. If you think this isn't necessary, think about the money you paid for something you didn't know about...

Hopefully, you didn't.

2. Have clarity on who you’re speaking to.

You can create content that connects better to the person reading it only if you know who that person is & what are their pain points. Without this, your content can never stand out & is bound to be floating in the sea of coaches online. Unless the reader feels CONNECTED to your content and feels that it is speaking directly to him/her, they are not going to follow you.

3. Have clarity on the problem you’re solving.

People only follow you if you add some kind of value to their lives. So, although sharing your personal story is important, it is equally important to create informative & educational content. We have all seen fitness profiles with shredded pictures & quotes in CAPITAL LETTERS as captions. Let's not do that anymore, okay?

4. Be authentic. Be real.

Because pretending to know-it-all is yesterday’s game. Thanks to the overwhelmingly large number of content creators, people can smell BS from a mile away. So, just be you. Simple.

5. Don’t compare, create.

Comparison kills confidence. Just be you & build your community. Focusing on others is only going to hold you back from focusing on yours.

Hope this is helpful in getting started with building your own personal brand!

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