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learn how to create the right programs & prices for your business

Buy in access to this valuable webinar that is loaded with a lot of essential information for your business!



  • Creating programs that align with who you are

  • How to do a SWOT analysis & Ikigai for your business

  • How to price your programs to make it profitable & sustainable

  • How pricing can make or break your business

  • Rules to apply while drafting your offer

  • How to market your programs

  • Where most coaches make mistakes in creating their programs

  • Commonly asked questions by coaches

Buy in access for just INR 499/-!

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instagram content calendar

Ever struggled with what to post on social media to grow your audience & get higher engagement? Here's ALL you need to stay on top of your social media game!

Sneak peek inside :

  • Why Content?

  • Content vs Customers

  • Stories vs Posts

  • Rules of Content Writing

  • Understanding types of content

  • Content for IG growth

  • Complete IG Content Calendar

  • Advantages of Calendar


INR 999/-

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Wanna make 💰💰 through IG??

Get my FREE TRAINING to build your personal brand online & GET MORE CLIENTS THROUGH THE DMS!🔥

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